314It started when i had to choose between option 1:flat earth and option 2:round earth, and off course, without knowing, I chose round earth.

At a later moment I was shown my first flat earth video (this was beginning December 2018), and I was thunderstruck. And intrigued. This is what some people actually and fully believe in.


That question and "how" have been on my mind ever since.

And I got into the world of flat earth. Watching hours of video, both con and pro. Investigating different subjects myself and yes; There are a lot of questions.
But sadly also a lot of nonsense, and finding out the real questions and the real answers is a quest on itself.

But it is both fun and interesting. I have been looking into things I have never thought of before. Or things I found interesting as a kid, but nowadays are of little importance. I forgot what is was to be a kid: Questioning everything and just be amazed.

The funny thing is: Learning new stuff has always been my passion. It is what makes me tick.
But this was 'old' stuff. Things I was taught as a kid. By my father ("the smallest distance on sea between 2 points is a curve", he was a sailor), but also at school and reading books and magazines..

And I never wondered why I saw my surroundings as flat. Because it is. If you look around it is a flat earth. There! I said it!

But is it...?

I will try to explain to you and myself the how and why. And I will try to do that my way. That is to look at different aspects of the item. Break it down and try to explain the behaviour.
But I will try to do this from different sides. So if there is a subject I will try to explain how this could work in round space, and in flat space. The latter sometimes a bit more difficult for me, because I do not believe and I cannot proof everything. And most proofs I can find are doing the opposite.. But still I will try.