On a flat earth the ISS cannot exist. So a lot of effort is taken to prove the images and video's are fake.

And there is a lot of video from ISS (and of the MIR and Skylab)





Andre Kuipers is the Dutchman that went to the ISS.

I've have been to one of his presentations and the stories he told, and images he showed, were outstanding.
This is a person that has been in outer space, and has seen the earth as a globe!

Who do I trust more? A physician graduated at the university of Amsterdam? Or...





This is a video of the ISS passing in front of the moon, now even jeranism admits this is a real thing, as shown in another video.

It shows how incredibly fast the ISS moves across the sky, and you'll see a very clear picture of the ISS.


As you can see, there is a lot of footage showing living in space, these are just a few of the examples available. And if they can fake this all, that is impressive in itself. Think about it. Some of the footage is taken in 1973-1979 (Skylab) and 1986-2000(Mir). CGI was not that good in those years. And it's not just from Nasa, So then there should be 2 impressive organisations that publish incredible movies. I do not believe it.

But there are a lot of people that are doubting the authenticity of these video's and images. Weird behaviour is pointed out in video's. The most used word is CGI.

So what are they talking about?

This one of the Space shuttle shows a face in the background (https://youtu.be/0pVm7p4nkwo) . However: The footage was taken from inside the shuttle, not with an external camera, so what you see is the reflection of someone inside the space shuttle.

It is part of the video above. So, is what we see true or not? Is the footage we were shown in the video from nasa itself, or was it edited?

Airbubbles are another mysterious thing:

So yes.  Astronauts practice in a pool. And get recorded. So are the video's that are used actually from space, or are they footage from practice rounds? Sadly in all of the video's that are used, no one mentions, or links, the source of the video. And in 1 or 2 video's that I have been able to trace back to the source (nasa) I could find evidence of something moving across the view, but were they bubbles of debris?

Blurred and CGI mistakes

In a number of video's you see astronauts being blurred, or somehow disturbed. What is that about?
I cannot tell if it is in the original too. Or if it might be caused by the transmission.

Weird movements

Finally a number of fake video's show people in de space station making weird movements. A lot of footage is taken from person that have just arrived at the space station. Now I cannot imagine what it is like to be weightless. The orientation must run havoc.

Last year I had a case of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, which means that one of the crystals in my inner ear had become dislodged and was having a merry go round in my balance centre. My eyes were seeing other things than my ears were telling my brain. I could not stand straight, and the first few hours a spend more time vomiting than after the worst hangover I have ever had.

My guess is that it is similar in space. Your eyes see one thing, and your brain tells you another. So you cannot rely on that, you need to see where you are. And everything is different, up is down, and down might be up, or not.

So when you see people holding on to something out of the blue, it could just be a reaction of the body to balance itself. Do you actually grab something consciously when you loose your balance? No, you react out of instinct.

Another favourite is that shirts are having weird shapes. Well, there is no gravity to hold it down, and fabric does not straighten itself as you would expect on earth.


Do I believe that there is an international space station? Yes. Why? Because there is just too much evidence that there is. Because I find it hard, very hard, to believe this could somehow stay as big a secret as it is. And because there is not a single thing disproving the what is right above us.

So next time when you see a video of weird behaviour in space, or air bubbles, try to think outside the box, outside gravity. And investigate the source of the video. I will try to do the same.